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A streamning exhibition by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel


SABSAY is pleased to present Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel: Always Qustion the Structure #documentasceptic. Questioning the two art events, Documenta and Venice Biennale 2017, before and while they happen, the exhibition unfolds as a converging project by the former projects of the artist, Biennalist, and Emergency Room.


The exhibition opens March 30, while the opening reception will take place later in the course of the show, because of its evolving nature. The visitors will be duly informed.


Taking the field in Kassel and in Athens, the project will emerge simultaneously as a specially designed online platform and as a dynamic exhibition at SABSAY. The exhibition will evolve through phases, reflecting the artist’s engagement with the concept of the “ultracontemporary”. Through a changing presentation of artworks the exhibition can adjust to the now anytime, addressing questions like “Is Documenta Dangerous?”, “Why Athens?”, “Do artists have a role or a function?”, etc. It aims to train our collective ‘muscle of awareness’, to stimulate debate and critical thinking. Problematizing our perception and perhaps rejection of the real, the artist wonders if global art shows like Documenta are fabricated to create change or to lull us into false security?


Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel is a conceptual artist working with a wide variety of media including video and installations. He refers to his work as ‘format art’, Biennalist being one of the formats. Colonel has worked on questioning established structures since 1989.